Organic Coconut Chips Toasted (100g)

Our friends at Purecoco have batch toasted (not fried) these delicious Coconut Crispy Chips 100g.

Organic Coconut meat is blended with natural sea salt and a dash of Coconut nectar to add a roasted sweet/savory balance.

Enjoy as a healthy snack these delicious Coconut Chips are full of goodness.

Organic Coconut Chips are 100% natural, organic, vegan and fair-trade.

Ingredients: Organic coconut, coconut nectar and sea salt

Nutritional info: per 25g

Energy 481g

Protein 2.0g

Fat total 8.0g

Saturated fat 8.0g

Carbohydrate 10g

Sugar 4.0g

FIbre 8.0g

Sodium 6.0g