Organic LSA (700g)

LSA is a blended combination of Linseeds (aka Flaxseeds), Sunflower Seeds and Almonds - three amazing superfood ingredients.

Contains high quality protein and fibre. A well balanced source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids and antioxidants. A great source of Lignans to boost immunity and balance hormonal fluctuations.

Organic LSA really adds another dimension to baked products, smoothies, protein shakes, breakfast cereals and many other foods due to its texture and nutty taste.

Ingredients: flaxseeds (linseeds), sunflower seeds and almonds

Nutritional info: per 18g (2 Tbsp)

Energy 360kj

Protein 5g

Fat total 5.4g

Carbohydrate 1.7g

Sugar 0.3g

Dietary fibre 5.7g

Sodium 15mg

Potassium 170mg

Lignan 270mg