PureCoco Organic Coconut Flour (500g)

100% Organic Coconut Flour 500g

Produced from the mature flesh of organic, fair-trade coconuts.

Coconut flour is a delicious, healthy alternative to other generic flours.
Purecoco Organic Coconut flour is kept as raw as possible with minimal processing. This results in an unrefined, natural, high fibre, low digestible carbohydrate Coconut meal/flour.
Coconut flour is gluten, soy and dairy free. This is also great for people on special, natural, whole food and Paleo diets.

Use Coconut flour anywhere you would use any regular flour. Coconut flour is much denser, the ratio is 1 cup Coconut flour to 2.5-3 cups regular flour and can also be consumed raw in muesli, slices, bliss balls and great as a crumb on vegetables, fish or chicken.

Ingredients: Desiccated defatted finely ground coconut meat



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