Organic Chia Seed Flour (600g)

Waihi Bush Organic Farm have sourced quality Organic Chia Seeds from South America and then use our own unique process to produce a superior fresh cold-pressed Chia Seed Oil and what is left of the seed it is then milled to make a fine flour.

Chia Seed Flour is a healthy and simple substitute for eggs in baking and cooking. Blend in your smoothies and yoghurt. Sprinkle over your breakfast cereal. Use as a regular flour substitute in baking and cooking. Use as a sauce thickener or for setting jams.

Suitable for Paleo based diets and for those looking for a ketogenic or low carb alternative. It will help you incorporate the necessary dietary fibre required to maintain good gut health and support your liver.

Gluten free, dairy free, soy free.

Ingredients: 100% cold-pressed organically certified Chia Seed Flour

Nutritional info: per 40g (4 Tbsp)

Energy 500kj

Protein 12g

Fat total 3.6

Carbohydrate 1.4g

Sugar 0.9g

Dietary fibre 18g

Sodium 2mg