Organic Coconut Nectar Syrup (375ml)

375g glass jar. A natural unrefined substitute to sugar.

100% raw, organic, fair trade, low GI, vegan friendly, gluten and soy free.

Produced from the natural coconut nectar that drips from the flower buds of the coconut palm tree. This raw, organic sweetener has slight hints of caramel.
Coconut nectar is becoming a rising star in replacement of common sugars and other natural sweeteners. Used as a traditional sweetener for thousands of years in areas that coconuts thrive.

Organic Coconut Nectar Syrup has a low GI and is high in nutrients.

Use in baking and cooking as a sweetener substitute. Drizzle over pancakes or desserts, and stir through hot drinks. 

Ingredients: Coconut nectar

Nutritional info: per 5ml

Energy 92kj

Carbohydrate 5.3g

Sugar 3.9g

Fructose 1.4g

Sodium 11g

Fat 0g