Canterbury Light Roasted Hazelnuts (500g)

Taste the difference and you will never want a different hazelnut. Roasted to order these Hazelnuts are exceptional for a snacks, salads or simply as far as you can create from.

The orchard consists of 6 blocks- blocks 1 to 5 are all Hazelnuts and block 6 is a mix of hazelnut trees and other trees such as almonds and a variety of fruit trees. The majority of trees are the whiteheart variety, and the remainder being pollinator varieties. Whiteheart is a very tasty nut that blanches well, so is well suited to processing. 

They have approximately 3000 hazelnut trees for which we care for and planting dates range from 2005 until the present time. The processing facility is also onsite, so it is a real case of  "From paddock to plate."