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You'll find this on the last page when placing your order, just prior to entering your credit card payment details.


Like all industries we are subject to fluctuations with global markets, each week we draw stock down paying spot prices for those commodities.

Some products are more stable but others are subject to supply and demand and we only adjust to reflect those increases or decreases.


We purchase organics from some of the top importers in bulk, packing onsite on a specific time period to cover organics only.

We chose to do it in bulk avoiding smaller more expensive retail options. These products are clearly labeled on the site.

GLUTEN FREE (and other allergies)

Celiac is a tough one and we’re clear from a risk point of view. All our suppliers we source from disclose their products are held or processed in a facility containing gluten, soy, peanuts and the like.

Most products are packed on site where the goods have been purchased in large sealed bags from those importers. As a result any form of cross contamination either in house or from these importers means we can't say they’re free from gluten while taking all steps possible to avoid this in our process.


Our business hours are Monday - Friday.

Our freight partner aims to deliver within 4 business day in the north island once we fulfill the shipment or 6 business days in the South. We also fly to the Chatham Islands, great barrier and Stewart island.

When your goodies are fulfilled you will receive an automatic track & trace link showing which sector they're in and an estimated delivery date.

As most orders are fairly low risk there's nothing worse than a calling card to track down the goodies. All our orders unless stated are “non signature”.


As an artisan WholeFood supplier our stock turnover is fast packing in regular batches. If you feel it's not up to your expectations please come back to us detailing your concerns. Please keep in mind that batches can vary in size, shape and seasonality so can look different to our images.


If not stored correctly nuts and seeds over time can become rancid…especially when exposed to heat and light. During the cooler months you can safety store your nuts and seeds in the pantry in an air tight container for around 2-3 months. However in the warmer months we recommend you pop them in the fridge, this will extend their life up to 6 months, or for longer storage for bulk nuts and seeds store in the freezer for up to 1 year. 

By buying fresh, often, and storing in our resealable bags is the BEST way to ensure you only consume the freshest and tastiest nuts and seeds.

Happy Eating!!


Community is the heartbeat of why Kilo exists, partnering with non profits who are already on the ground investing into community needs.

Recycling capital only becomes possible by establishing a sustainable model that gives our fellow nutters sharper pricing everyday.

We have worked with a number of passionate non profits since the outset and continue support various organisations.


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We do take defamatory comments against our brand that are not warranted with the view to delete or block the user.

We try our best to answer inquiries outside of the FAQ's  individually.

Our range is now within Cigana Espresso located at 5 Maskell St in St Heliers Auckland.

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Team Kilo.