Ceres Organic Psyllium Husk (180g)

Organically sourced psyllium husk is a great fibre addition to everyday baking.

Psyllium powder is a form of fiber made from the Plantago ovata plant, specifically from the husks of the plant’s seed. This bulk-forming laxative contains soluble fiber that helps soak up water in your gut to improve regularity and make bowel movements easier. Taking psyllium husk powder regularly can help improve overall digestion. Although it is typically known as a laxative, psyllium husk powder also carries many other health benefits.

Drink with plenty of water, added to smoothies, sprinkle over cereal, use in everyday baking,

Ingredients: Psylium husk

Nutritional info: per 25g

Energy 194kj

Protein 0.8g

Fat 0.1g

Carbohydrate 1g

Dietary fibre 20g

Sodium 31.3mg