Organic 72% Cacao Chocolate Bar (44g)

100% raw, organic, fair trade, unrefined, gluten, soy and dairy free, vegan friendly.

Our friends at Purecoco have made this delicious, handmade 72% Cacao Chocolate Bar with love and 100% natural, refined sugar free. A functional treat with a rich exotic pure chocolate taste.

This creamy delicious cacao bar satisfies chocolate cravings without the guilt. Created as a dietary snack power food it also provides high energy ideal for getting through hunger pangs.

Ingredients: cocao solids, cocao butter, coconut sugar.

Nutritional info: per 44g

Energy 1032kj

Protein 3.5g

Fat total 20g

Saturated 12.7g

Carbohydrate 16g

Sugar 10.9

Sodium 0.4g