Super Pancakes

October 08, 2018

Super Pancakes

Make pancakes a super healthy treat!

How??? By substituting wheat flour for almond meal of course. Yup, it's that simple!

"But what's so special about almond meal? Can't I just use almond flour?"

You sure can and there's only a very subtle difference in texture between the two.

Both are made from ground almonds, but almond flour is typically made from blanched almonds which have had the skin removed, and almond meal, is generally ground with the skin still on.

However, the almond meal we stock is blanched with no skin so it's only a matter of a finer grind.

We're a fan of the ol' meal as we like a bit of texture.

Plus it means we can also use it as a substitute for breadcrumbs for coating meat and chicken stuffing as well as cookies, muffins, homemade bread and more - winning!

Because it's made purely from almonds, it serves as a fantastic low-carb substitute with super nutrients and minerals such as:

  1. potassium
  2. manganese (no, it's not a zoo animal. read more about it here)
  3. high in protein
  4. copper 
  5. vitamin E
  6. healthy monounsaturated fats

Basically, super pancakes.

So stock up on your almond meal supplies now and get ready to serve up a piping hot plate of delicious guilt-free pancakes on the weekends OR during the week. We're not here to judge 😜

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