4 Ideas for Rainy Days with Kids (Smoothie Bowl Included)

April 12, 2019

4 Ideas for Rainy Days with Kids (Smoothie Bowl Included)

Farmers and school teachers rejoice!

Though it can be a little juggle for us parental folk, I’m always up for a challenge and rainy days during the school holidays are one of my favs 😅

So if the current forecast is anything to go by, be sure to pack your brollies, gumboots or get ready to shack up indoors for the first few days of the holidays!

But should a touch of cabin fever set in, here are 4 ideas to keep the little (and not-so-little) ones entertained:

(skip to a cool little smoothie bowl how-to video at the bottom if rainy school holidays aren't a thing for you)

1. Google “How to draw…”

Gauge the group consensus or go with whatever your kids want, e.g. space rocket, forest fairies, submarine, ice castle etc. Get some colouring pencils, blank sheets and let them loose!

2. Ninja Warrior training

Build an obstacle course out of the sofa cushions, chairs, furniture, sheets and whatever else you’re willing to utilise. There is a fair bit of clean up involved post-trophy ceremony but this will keep the kids entertained all day! Don’t forget to appoint a timekeeper and even experiment running the course with one leg only or blindfolded.

3. Spring clean out

This might sound like a chore to start, but as the kids start to find things they haven’t seen in a while, they will get in on the fun! Do they stay or do they go? Let your kids decide and you could even plan a garage sale together to make some extra sandwich money.

4. Chop, whisk, mix

Unleash the sticky fingers in the kitchen by baking some treats or inventing a new creation. Run your own mini-Masterchef challenge and get the kids to replicate one of your recipes or attempt a superfood smoothie bowl that's all the rage right now. Thanks to Dr. Axe for the video how-to: 

And we're sure by now you know who to call to stock up on smoothie bowl supplies 😉  but give all 4 ideas a crack if you're up for it and we'd love to hear how you get on, in the comments section below.

May the force be with you.

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